6 Steps to Remodeling a House Safely

A remodel done well should be an improvement to life, not an end to it. Did you know every year the number of people injured doing construction is on the rise?

Your family needs you safe and well. Learn 6 steps to remodeling a house safely right here.

1. Do Your Research

Sometimes DIY job has been staring at us so long we lose patience and jump right in without researching and without talking to professionals. It’s a great way to screw up the job and potentially get injured.

Before you start any remodeling job, get the right information, and talk to someone with some real experience. That way you’ll know better what you’re getting into.

2. Make Everything Official

Whether a friend is helping you out or you’re hiring a contractor, it’s important you document everything. Have a clear description of what you want, by when, what it will cost, and who is responsible for what. The clearer the expectations and responsibilities, the less room for conflict down the line.

3. Electrical Wiring Maps

There are a lot of remodeling injuries that can be easily avoided. One of them is electrocution by cutting into areas with electrical wiring. Check the plans that show where electrical wiring is in your home before you do anything.

4. Never Climb a Ladder Alone

Climbing a ladder feels like a basic activity. We can feel too proud to ask someone to hold it for us. In the past decade, 43% of fatal falls involved a ladder.

Don’t be nonchalant with construction jobs. Just meet the basic safety requirements to make sure ending the remodeling job doesn’t end you before you end it. If you’ve had a fall injury at work you should get more info from an attorney.

5. Beware of Power Tools

Power tools are like toys for grown-ups. They have such force and speed they’re a great help on the job. They’re also powerful, and they can injure you very quickly and with great force if you don’t know what you’re doing.

6. Permits Are Your Friend

Yes, it’s your house. But that doesn’t mean you can do anything you like with it whenever you want. Many remodeling jobs require a permit.

To avoid legal issues or conflicts with neighbors, cross the T’s and dot the I’s when it comes to securing the right permits. Make sure it’s all in place before you get started.

The Best Way to Avoid Safety Issues

The absolute best way to see a remodeling job done safely is to hire professionals. They know what they’re doing thanks to both professional training and experience. It’s worth paying a little more to get a much better result.

Take the Steps to Remodeling a House Today!

When the remodeling job is done, you want people’s mouths to drop in pleasant surprise, not horror! Make sure the remodeling job is done well and safely to get the response you’re after. Follow our steps to remodeling a house to be on the safe side.

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